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  1. agent-Achika 2wk 5d ago

    Gd aftn Elena!
    -What kinds of food did you eat iin London?
    -Did it snow a lot while you were there?
    How were the films: La la land,and Split?
    -I've been wanting to see: Logan & Kong Skull Island.

  2. agent-Achika 11wk 5d ago

    GM Elena!
    -What did you do with your family for the holidays?
    -What are you doing w/ya friend in London?
    Is she going to show you all the popular sights in London?
    -Congrats on getting your masters degree.
    -Im back in school now, focusing on passing my classes
    in order to transfer to a 4 year University.
    -Seen any new Xmas genre movies?

  3. agent-Achika 12wk 6d ago
    Merry Xmas Elena!
    -How were your studies in the end?
    -Does your country celebrate Xmas?
    -Do any cooking at all for it?
    -Go to any fun festivals lately?
    -Traveling for the holidays?

  4. agent-Achika 18wk 5d ago

    Good afternoon Elena!
    Long time no see.
    -How did your last exam go?
    Did you ever get a chance to read my last message?

  5. agent-Achika 32wk 6d ago

    Gd morning Elena!
    -Purge:Election Year was very good.
    It had tons of suspense & action
    throughout the entire film.
    Now I want to see: (Jungle Book)
    & (The Secret Life of Pets).
    Are there any new films you
    want to see that just came out?
    -How was Ireland & England
    while you were visiting?
    -Yes I finally finished reading
    (All U Need is Kill) the manga.
    It was very good & entertaining.
    I definitely recommend it to you.
    Is the manwa (Switch Girl) good?
    Whats the plot about?
    -I never saw (Finding Nemo) &
    (Finding Dory) the Pixar movie.
    -I begin school in 2 weeks,
    so I'm preparing for my
    return to campus lil by lil each day.
    -How is the weather where U live?

  6. agent-Achika 37wk 6d ago

    GM Elena!
    I am indeed a Californian lol.
    I myself am excited to have a
    friend who is from Spain.
    Ever traveled to other parts of Europe?
    -Glad your focusing on ya Masters thesis.
    Don't worry all this hard work will
    pay off in the end, trust me.
    -Oooooh which mangas have you
    been finally able to catch up on?
    I just finished the manga: (All U Need is Kill).
    It was really good & filled with tons of action.
    I am now finishing up another manga
    called: (Sankarea) which is a bleak comedy.
    -Hmmm I'll need to check that flavor
    of ice cream out & taste it myself.
    Is it really sweet & rich?
    -Seen any new films lately?
    I am going to see the thriller:
    (The Purge: Election Year)
    later on this afternoon as
    I am typing this response to you.
    -Yep I've definitely got a plan
    for my future with my career.
    Still passionate as ever.
    -Does Spain have its own version
    of America's Independence Day?
    Our holiday is on the 4th of July.
    Does Spain celebrate Xmas or New Years?
    I know it's later on in the year, but I
    thought I'd ask way ahead of time.
    Trailer/ The Purge Election Year is below:

  7. agent-Achika 38wk 6d ago

    GM Elena!
    -Congrats on getting the fellowship.
    I know that must be exciting for you.
    -I really enjoyed reading the manga:
    {Deep Love/Pao's Tale}.
    It was very bleak & adorable,
    if that is even possible.
    Have you read any more
    mangas other than Deep Love?
    -I live on the West Coastal
    Region of the USA.
    -Work is going fine for now.
    I work all 7 days w/no breaks.
    However when I officially go
    back to school in late August,
    I'll only be working here for
    2-3 times a week with the
    weekends off.
    I'll use the extra days for
    studying & doing loads
    of homework regularly.
    I'm excited abt my courses.
    After I completed a
    program I was in, I
    decided to take a
    2 year break off.
    So now I'm back
    finishing up my classes
    I need to transfer to
    a Cal State campus.
    Once that happens
    I'm gonna quit my
    job & focus on my
    degrees 24/7 nuthin
    else, that's it.
    -Will soon start saving
    up for a new phone that
    comes out later this yr.
    But first I need to buy
    a huge bulk of other
    important necessities.
    -It's very hot here as well.
    Getting hotter by the day.
    -What is: {Stracciatella}?
    What is: {Chocolate sedes}?

  8. agent-Achika 41wk 3d ago

    Gd day Elena88!
    -well everything is OK on my end so far.
    -I just got a job taking care of the elderly,
    but I am indeed waiting for another job
    to come through w/in the next 2 weeks.
    -Wow I read the manga (Deep Love) but
    only the (Pao's Tale) version. It was rly sad & cute.
    I want the sequel to hurry up & upload.
    -What kind of ice cream do U prefer?
    Gotta a favorite flavor for yogurt?
    I like: Mint & Chip Ice cream &
    Pistachio along with Butter Pecans
    frozen yogurt flavors yummy.
    -Even though I'm working &
    am awaiting another job offer,
    I still plan getting prepaid
    services via At&t.
    It will be much cheaper for now.
    Esp bcuz I'm still in school.
    In the future once I'm working
    in my actual field then I'll
    consider switching to At&t.
    -For now I gotta focus on
    saving up my future earnings
    for a media transfer device for
    my future Android phone.
    And of course the phone itself.
    -Taking a Summer vacation?
    -Are there beaches where U live?

  9. agent-Achika 45wk 2d ago

    Gd aftn Elena!
    Glad your back at least for now.
    -What does the ministry have
    to do with your scholarship?
    Is your career tied in w/a specific religion?
    -What was the manga you just finished called?
    What was the plot & how was the character
    development within the story?
    There are several mangas I need
    to begin reading & 2 I still need
    to complete ugh.
    -Well here in the USA we have the
    option of either buying regular
    monthly bill service & are
    given the option of using prepaid.
    It's pretty much the same as U
    described in your latest msg on my UP.
    However if you go over the amount
    of minutes based on the package
    you choose with a reg billing service
    then you will be charged extra fees.
    Which then raises ya bill
    tremendously high ugh :(.
    Prepaid is more pay as you go,
    from month to month w/no extra fees.
    Does your prepaid carrier offer an
    Unlimited data plan at all?
    The service I plan on using in
    the future does offer unlimited plan.
    I've decided to use prepaid
    bcuz even after I get another job,
    once I transfer to a Cal state campus,
    I will then have to quit my job &
    devote all of my attention to my studies.
    That being said, it will be too damn hard
    to work & go to school esp in a rigorous
    program that is known to stress students out.
    I will have to use prepaid for a good while.
    At least until I begin working in my field.
    Once I do that, I'll consider switching
    over to T-Mobile & then
    pay for a better service.
    But the only diff is I'll be able to afford it lol.
    Seems like a smart plan to me.
    -Which Android brand phone do U have?
    Is it old or a newer model?
    -I plan on buying a overseas brand.
    I like the idea of not having what everyone
    else already has or is saving up to purchase.
    -Do you like ice cream or yogurt?
    -See the new Avengers Civil War film yet?
    -I understood your explanation
    for prepaid & monthly billing services.
    No worries if I ever have trouble
    understanding you,
    I'll definitely
    let you know.
    There are a total of 6 prepaid
    carriers here in the US.
    Down below are 2 of the more
    popular choices for ppl who
    are on a budget & for ppl who
    want to save tons of money
    year round & not become broke
    due to an insanely expensive
    cegullar bill every month.
    - Tv commercials promoting
    different prepaid services:
    # 1. Metro PCS:
    # 2. Cricket Wireless:
    Yummy treat ↘
    Enjoy Your ↘

  10. srsn 47wk 3d ago

    Thanks for the +fav on my wallpaper

  11. agent-Achika 47wk 6d ago

    Hey Elena!
    -It's fine I understand
    your extra busy these days.
    -How long before you find out
    if U get the second phase of the scholarship?
    -Nope, I don't have a new phone yet.
    Sadly I'll need to wait until I get another job.
    Then I'll start saving up for a higher quality
    phone & then buy it strictly online.
    That way I can choose the
    phone brand I rly want &
    won't be limited to the 4
    brands sold by my
    future phone carrier.
    I plan on purchasing an
    Android phone for myself.
    It's only sold online too
    + its already unlocked.
    That will make the
    transition much easier
    once I switch to
    another prepaid carrier.
    -Do U have an awesome
    Asus Zenphone 5 phone?
    I saw it online &
    it looks rly nice & fancy.
    -How do U feel abt
    Prepaid phone carriers?
    The reason I'm asking
    is bcuz most friends I know
    all use 4 major phone
    carriers & refuse to
    even consider prepaid
    services due to the
    negative connotation
    w/the word "prepaid" lol.
    -Are prepaid service
    carriers even offered
    where U currently live?
    -Or do you prefer
    using major carriers
    Network service?
    -I am currently using a
    cheap tablet until I get
    a new phone blah.
    For a long time I used
    a regular labtop to
    check my MT msgs.
    Then after it broke on me,
    I began using my ceg.
    Once my crappy SSG S2
    started cutting off on
    me, I began using this
    tablet as of lately.
    But mark my words
    once I get my new
    phablet in the future
    I'll use that for sure.
    -Ready for Summer vacation?
    -Read any new novels?
    Or manga series?

  12. agent-Achika Mar 24, 2016

    Gd evening Elena!
    -It's fine I'm just now checking my msgs.
    -I've recently been applying to various jobs.
    -Hope you get selected for the scholarship.
    -I'd been using my Android phone for many yrs
    due to my laptop going out on me sadly.
    But now I've transitioned to a tablet that I received
    last yr as an Xmas gift fm my mom.
    But I DO know that I'll be getting a new computer soon.
    However I plan on going back to using another
    android phone once I buy a fancy ceg this yr.
    Esp since I'm used to using it lol.
    Plus I will also be using private web
    on my new phone in the future
    which will make it more my own.
    Esp from online thieves & hackers.
    -I personally prefer using an android
    ceg over an IPhone bcuz I liked the
    layout much better & androids are
    much easier to work with.
    I can't wait to buy a new phone,
    my current phone needs a new battery
    & in all honesty I just need to upgrade
    my smartphone & throw away my
    current old ass & cracked paint ceg ugh.
    -Which phone do U currently have?
    Plan on getting a newer phone
    in the near future?
    -Been watching anime films at least?
    I say at least bcuz I know your
    too busy to watch ongoing series.
    -Ur welcome on the abbreviations.
    (Esp) = (Especially) hahahaha.........

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