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  1. agent-Achika 3wk 6d ago

    Good afternoon Elena!
    Long time no talk.
    I know your busy with studies,
    so your late reply is understandable.
    -I did in fact see the film LOGAN.
    It was awesome & sad at the same time.
    I won't spoil anything for you regarding the movie,
    but I will say the ending was bitter-sweet.
    I still have NOT seen the film "Kong Skull Island" so
    I don't know how it did critically review wise.
    -Awww well I wasn't expecting much from "La La Land".
    It seemed overly hyped & stupid.
    I'll watch it when it comes to tv for free.
    "Split" I've been wanting to see but
    alas I'll have to rent it from the television
    once it becomes available to see on cable.
    The next films I want to see is:
    "Beauty & the Beast" & "Annabelle 2".
    I'll post the trailers for you to view below.
    Enjoy in advance hehehehehe
    -Yes I've heard England has gloomy cold weather.
    Its not great but certainly not horrible either.
    I still want to visit England though,
    along with: Scotland, Italy, & Rome.
    -Hows the weather in Spain right now?
    Here in the US its warm but heavily breezy ugh.
    -Yes I'm well aware that England has a
    multitude of Foreign restaurants to choose from.
    -Hows the Masters or PH.D program going?

    Here is the trailer for Anabelle
    ( )
    & the trailer for Beauty & the Beast:
    ( )

  2. agent-Achika 7wk 6d ago

    Gd aftn Elena!
    -What kinds of food did you eat iin London?
    -Did it snow a lot while you were there?
    How were the films: La la land,and Split?
    -I've been wanting to see: Logan & Kong Skull Island.

  3. agent-Achika 16wk 6d ago

    GM Elena!
    -What did you do with your family for the holidays?
    -What are you doing w/ya friend in London?
    Is she going to show you all the popular sights in London?
    -Congrats on getting your masters degree.
    -Im back in school now, focusing on passing my classes
    in order to transfer to a 4 year University.
    -Seen any new Xmas genre movies?

  4. agent-Achika 18wk 0d ago
    Merry Xmas Elena!
    -How were your studies in the end?
    -Does your country celebrate Xmas?
    -Do any cooking at all for it?
    -Go to any fun festivals lately?
    -Traveling for the holidays?

  5. agent-Achika 23wk 6d ago

    Good afternoon Elena!
    Long time no see.
    -How did your last exam go?
    Did you ever get a chance to read my last message?

  6. agent-Achika 37wk 6d ago

    Gd morning Elena!
    -Purge:Election Year was very good.
    It had tons of suspense & action
    throughout the entire film.
    Now I want to see: (Jungle Book)
    & (The Secret Life of Pets).
    Are there any new films you
    want to see that just came out?
    -How was Ireland & England
    while you were visiting?
    -Yes I finally finished reading
    (All U Need is Kill) the manga.
    It was very good & entertaining.
    I definitely recommend it to you.
    Is the manwa (Switch Girl) good?
    Whats the plot about?
    -I never saw (Finding Nemo) &
    (Finding Dory) the Pixar movie.
    -I begin school in 2 weeks,
    so I'm preparing for my
    return to campus lil by lil each day.
    -How is the weather where U live?

  7. agent-Achika 43wk 0d ago

    GM Elena!
    I am indeed a Californian lol.
    I myself am excited to have a
    friend who is from Spain.
    Ever traveled to other parts of Europe?
    -Glad your focusing on ya Masters thesis.
    Don't worry all this hard work will
    pay off in the end, trust me.
    -Oooooh which mangas have you
    been finally able to catch up on?
    I just finished the manga: (All U Need is Kill).
    It was really good & filled with tons of action.
    I am now finishing up another manga
    called: (Sankarea) which is a bleak comedy.
    -Hmmm I'll need to check that flavor
    of ice cream out & taste it myself.
    Is it really sweet & rich?
    -Seen any new films lately?
    I am going to see the thriller:
    (The Purge: Election Year)
    later on this afternoon as
    I am typing this response to you.
    -Yep I've definitely got a plan
    for my future with my career.
    Still passionate as ever.
    -Does Spain have its own version
    of America's Independence Day?
    Our holiday is on the 4th of July.
    Does Spain celebrate Xmas or New Years?
    I know it's later on in the year, but I
    thought I'd ask way ahead of time.
    Trailer/ The Purge Election Year is below:

  8. agent-Achika 44wk 0d ago

    GM Elena!
    -Congrats on getting the fellowship.
    I know that must be exciting for you.
    -I really enjoyed reading the manga:
    {Deep Love/Pao's Tale}.
    It was very bleak & adorable,
    if that is even possible.
    Have you read any more
    mangas other than Deep Love?
    -I live on the West Coastal
    Region of the USA.
    -Work is going fine for now.
    I work all 7 days w/no breaks.
    However when I officially go
    back to school in late August,
    I'll only be working here for
    2-3 times a week with the
    weekends off.
    I'll use the extra days for
    studying & doing loads
    of homework regularly.
    I'm excited abt my courses.
    After I completed a
    program I was in, I
    decided to take a
    2 year break off.
    So now I'm back
    finishing up my classes
    I need to transfer to
    a Cal State campus.
    Once that happens
    I'm gonna quit my
    job & focus on my
    degrees 24/7 nuthin
    else, that's it.
    -Will soon start saving
    up for a new phone that
    comes out later this yr.
    But first I need to buy
    a huge bulk of other
    important necessities.
    -It's very hot here as well.
    Getting hotter by the day.
    -What is: {Stracciatella}?
    What is: {Chocolate sedes}?

  9. agent-Achika 46wk 3d ago

    Gd day Elena88!
    -well everything is OK on my end so far.
    -I just got a job taking care of the elderly,
    but I am indeed waiting for another job
    to come through w/in the next 2 weeks.
    -Wow I read the manga (Deep Love) but
    only the (Pao's Tale) version. It was rly sad & cute.
    I want the sequel to hurry up & upload.
    -What kind of ice cream do U prefer?
    Gotta a favorite flavor for yogurt?
    I like: Mint & Chip Ice cream &
    Pistachio along with Butter Pecans
    frozen yogurt flavors yummy.
    -Even though I'm working &
    am awaiting another job offer,
    I still plan getting prepaid
    services via At&t.
    It will be much cheaper for now.
    Esp bcuz I'm still in school.
    In the future once I'm working
    in my actual field then I'll
    consider switching to At&t.
    -For now I gotta focus on
    saving up my future earnings
    for a media transfer device for
    my future Android phone.
    And of course the phone itself.
    -Taking a Summer vacation?
    -Are there beaches where U live?

  10. agent-Achika 50wk 3d ago

    Gd aftn Elena!
    Glad your back at least for now.
    -What does the ministry have
    to do with your scholarship?
    Is your career tied in w/a specific religion?
    -What was the manga you just finished called?
    What was the plot & how was the character
    development within the story?
    There are several mangas I need
    to begin reading & 2 I still need
    to complete ugh.
    -Well here in the USA we have the
    option of either buying regular
    monthly bill service & are
    given the option of using prepaid.
    It's pretty much the same as U
    described in your latest msg on my UP.
    However if you go over the amount
    of minutes based on the package
    you choose with a reg billing service
    then you will be charged extra fees.
    Which then raises ya bill
    tremendously high ugh :(.
    Prepaid is more pay as you go,
    from month to month w/no extra fees.
    Does your prepaid carrier offer an
    Unlimited data plan at all?
    The service I plan on using in
    the future does offer unlimited plan.
    I've decided to use prepaid
    bcuz even after I get another job,
    once I transfer to a Cal state campus,
    I will then have to quit my job &
    devote all of my attention to my studies.
    That being said, it will be too damn hard
    to work & go to school esp in a rigorous
    program that is known to stress students out.
    I will have to use prepaid for a good while.
    At least until I begin working in my field.
    Once I do that, I'll consider switching
    over to T-Mobile & then
    pay for a better service.
    But the only diff is I'll be able to afford it lol.
    Seems like a smart plan to me.
    -Which Android brand phone do U have?
    Is it old or a newer model?
    -I plan on buying a overseas brand.
    I like the idea of not having what everyone
    else already has or is saving up to purchase.
    -Do you like ice cream or yogurt?
    -See the new Avengers Civil War film yet?
    -I understood your explanation
    for prepaid & monthly billing services.
    No worries if I ever have trouble
    understanding you,
    I'll definitely
    let you know.
    There are a total of 6 prepaid
    carriers here in the US.
    Down below are 2 of the more
    popular choices for ppl who
    are on a budget & for ppl who
    want to save tons of money
    year round & not become broke
    due to an insanely expensive
    cegullar bill every month.
    - Tv commercials promoting
    different prepaid services:
    # 1. Metro PCS:
    # 2. Cricket Wireless:
    Yummy treat ↘
    Enjoy Your ↘

  11. srsn Apr 27, 2016

    Thanks for the +fav on my wallpaper

  12. agent-Achika Apr 24, 2016

    Hey Elena!
    -It's fine I understand
    your extra busy these days.
    -How long before you find out
    if U get the second phase of the scholarship?
    -Nope, I don't have a new phone yet.
    Sadly I'll need to wait until I get another job.
    Then I'll start saving up for a higher quality
    phone & then buy it strictly online.
    That way I can choose the
    phone brand I rly want &
    won't be limited to the 4
    brands sold by my
    future phone carrier.
    I plan on purchasing an
    Android phone for myself.
    It's only sold online too
    + its already unlocked.
    That will make the
    transition much easier
    once I switch to
    another prepaid carrier.
    -Do U have an awesome
    Asus Zenphone 5 phone?
    I saw it online &
    it looks rly nice & fancy.
    -How do U feel abt
    Prepaid phone carriers?
    The reason I'm asking
    is bcuz most friends I know
    all use 4 major phone
    carriers & refuse to
    even consider prepaid
    services due to the
    negative connotation
    w/the word "prepaid" lol.
    -Are prepaid service
    carriers even offered
    where U currently live?
    -Or do you prefer
    using major carriers
    Network service?
    -I am currently using a
    cheap tablet until I get
    a new phone blah.
    For a long time I used
    a regular labtop to
    check my MT msgs.
    Then after it broke on me,
    I began using my ceg.
    Once my crappy SSG S2
    started cutting off on
    me, I began using this
    tablet as of lately.
    But mark my words
    once I get my new
    phablet in the future
    I'll use that for sure.
    -Ready for Summer vacation?
    -Read any new novels?
    Or manga series?

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